Treetop Taphouse
Season 1, Episode 4
Treetop Taphouse
Air date June 21, 2013
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Treetop Taphouse is episode 4 of season 1 on Treehouse Masters.

Plot SynopsisEdit

Looking for a unique place to showcase its specially crafted beer, an Ohio family enlists Pete to build a brewery-in-the-sky on its massive rural property. After one climbs up a staircase anchored in towering red oak trees and travels over a suspended rope bridge 25-feet off the ground, a tomato-red, barn-themed tavern welcomes the beer connoisseur with a custom bar designed with old wine barrels, a fully functional brewing set up and a European-style draft system. Faced with extreme winter weather throughout the entire build, Pete and his crew receive an extra hand from the local Amish community, who bring generations of hand-crafted excellence to Pete’s first-ever “treemendous” brewery.

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