Canopy Clubhouse
Season 1, Episode 7
Air date July 12, 2013
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Love Is in the Air
Canopy Clubhouse is episode 7 of season 1 on Treehouse Masters.

Plot SynopsisEdit

With a budget as high as the trees in its backyard, a family in Bedford, New York hires Pete to design a dream clubhouse for the entire family. The checklist of requests is anchored by a central two-story structure with a roof reaching 40 feet off the ground, providing a view above the built-in white oak trees. The treehouse has three main areas: a big BBQ patio with a grill for entertaining; a spacious living room decorated with antique treasures for the family to lounge; and a chalkboard-covered playroom complete with a lofted nook for the girls to have sleepovers. To make this treehouse extra special, Pete installs a secret trap door, a dumb-waiter system, and a fire pole and monkey bars, which bring fun for all.

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