Backyard Bungalow
Season 1, Episode 6
Backyard Bungalow
Air date July 5, 2013
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Backyard Bungalow is episode 6 of season 1 on Treehouse Masters.

Plot SynopsisEdit

Faced with the need to expand their house after their daughter returns from college, a couple in Medford, Oregon calls Pete to expand their not-so-empty-nest. Distracted by constant visits from the couple filled with ideas, Pete sets off to build the expansion in a series of white oak trees. As the clients’ requests continue to evolve, Pete transforms the design into a multi-faceted guesthouse to host not only their daughter, but also any guests who visit the family. Bunk beds, a comfy loft and a spacious bedroom sleep eight comfortably, with a living room to take the fun from the main house and entertain visitors with a view of the beautiful mountains.

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